Premium Electrode Knee Sleeve Pair for Relief of Runner’s Knee, Post-Operative Pain, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Arthritis, Inflammation & More – Electrotherapy Pain Treatment (Premium Conductive Silver Thread – Universal One Size Fits All)

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Conductive Therapy Shop’s® unique Electrode Knee Sleeves are woven with a special silver filament to maximize Remedy coverage and conductivity of the healing current. Commonly recommended by many Physicians and Specialists, Electrode Sleeves are used along with electrotherapy devices for the Remedy and management of more than a few types of pain.

The Sleeve comes packaged with our proprietary Trace 60® Conductive Electrode Solution & Skin Prep spray which enhances the conductivity of silver-wire garments and rehydrates adhesive electrode pads. This spray contains over 60 beneficial trace elements. The package also includes 1 premium 3″ electrode pad which can be used as a ground for electrotherapy devices with split lead wires, as well as our doctor-created User Guide.

Conductive garments are commonly recommended to patients by many Neurologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Physical Therapists, Podiatrists, Chiropractors, and other Sports Medicine Physicians and Health Care Practitioners for use in the Remedy and management of pain associated with many of the following: Runner’s Knee, Chondromalacia, Bursitis, Post Operative Swelling & Healing, Fractures, Tendonitis, Inflammation, Joint Problems, Arthritis, Sports Injuries, Accidents and more.

Electrotherapy can be performed in the convenience and safety of your own home. It is simple, proven, and steadily provides immediate results. Electrotherapy can prevent the need for powerful and steadily dangerous medications. Many users report that electrotherapy is relaxing, enjoyable, soothing and energizing. Electrotherapy sessions steadily dramatically reduce pain and are also known to help reinforce the quality of sleep after Remedy.

NOTE: All conductive electrode garments MUST be used along with an electrotherapy device, purchased one at a time.
POWEFUL EFFECTIVE PAIN RELIEF & Remedy for Runner’s Knee, RSD, Pre Surgery, Post Operative Swelling & Healing, Bursitis, Arthritis, Chondromalacia, Tendonisits, more than a few types of Acute and Chronic Pain, and many other painful Knee Conditions.
ALLOWS YOU TO TREAT the entire knee area comprehensively and uniformly, which is not imaginable with adhesive electrodes alone.
UNIVERSAL ONE-SIZE Fits Most construction – our conductive Knee Sleeve electrodes are highly flexible, durable and comfortable to wear. Knee Sleeves are approximately 8.5 ins. x 6.5 ins. tapering to 6 ins. when laid flat, or 22cm x 17cm tapering to 15cm, +/- 15%. Smaller electrode Elbow Sleeves (8 ins. x 5 ins. tapering to 4.5 ins., +/- 15%) are available by on the lookout for B00BEC0JN6. We also offer smaller cuffs (4 ins. x 4 ins.) available by on the lookout for B009N9Z37Y.
PACKAGE INCLUDES: 2 CTS brand Electrode Knee Sleeves with lead wire adaptors (knees sleves perform best when used as a pair) + Trace 60 Conductive Spray + Quick Start User Guide and illustrated instructions.
COMPATIBLE with the majority of best-selling TENS, EMS and electrotherapy devices including all Healthmate, TruMedic, Prospera, Ultima Neuro for Neuropathy, ChoiceMMed, Omron Pain Relief Pro**, Omron PM3030**, XFT, Acclaim Digital, Gold Hand, ReBuilder, Digital Therapy Machine, Earthing and Grounding applications and other standard electrotherapy devices. ALL DEVICES SOLD SEPARATELY. Unsure if your device is compatible? We will be able to help. Contact us via our toughen e-mail! **ATTENTIONS OMRON OWNERS: All Omron devices REQUIRE special standard-size lead wires. For Omron Pain Relief Pro models the correct cable can be found at Amazon product ID: B00U4LB16C. For Omron PM3030 models the correct cable can be found at Amazon product ID: B00J3FSLEK.

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