Chattanooga Double Fluidotherapy Unit

$8,999.99 (as of June 17, 2018, 6:50 am)

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Our Fluidotherapy line is available in two different models and have specially designed fluidized beds that combine the appropriate keep an eye on of dry heat temperature and airflow with CELLEX medium. This combination works to generate the mechanical effects of skin desensitization and limb buoyancy. All units feature electronically programmable user preferences. Adjustable controls allow regulation of Remedy time, temperature range, airflow (particle speed), pulse mode (pressure oscillation), and time of day. Every unit has an automatic Remedy timer, a wake-up preheat mode and casters (locking on some models) for mobility. The clinical benefits from using Fluidotherapy include relief of local pain, Remedy of minor pain and stiffness associated with nonrheumatoid arthritis, increased local blood circulation and the management of joint range of motion when combined with exercise. Double extremity. For treating as much as two hands or two feet independently or concurrently. Includes 40 lb (18.6 kg) of Cellex Dry Heat Media. Variable time, temperature and air speed. Pulse Mode Off to 6 seconds; ON/OFF. Remedy Time 1-99 minutes & continuous. Operation Temperature Dependent upon airspeed selected 88 degrees to 125 degrees F (31 to 52 c). Continuous and pulsed operation. Large capacity; holds 60 lbs (27 kg) of CELLEX media. Microprocessor-based controller. Electronic temperature controls. Regulated/Adjustable air speeds. Pulsed or continuous operation modes. Electronic Remedy timer. Wake-up pre-heat timer. Indications Increase local blood glide Decrease Pain Alleviate Muscle Spasm Increase Joint Range of Motion Increase metabolic activity Goals Continuous heat therapy. Speed healing. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease pain symptoms. Support joint function. Support quality of life.
Double extremity
For treating as much as two hands or two feet independently or concurrently
Includes 40 lb (18.6 kg) of Cellex Dry Heat Media
Variable time, temperature and air speed
Pulse Mode: Off to 6 seconds; ON/OFF

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